Polyethylene shrink wrap films












We are a producer of polyethylene thermoshrinkging films (polyethylene shrink) with excellent shrinking ratio, mechanical and optical properties.  We do produce all sizes, thicknesses  and widths of thermoshrinking films. Thermally shrinking films are excellent transport and protective packaging which creates a firm package after insertion – easy and comfortable for transportation and distribution. Keeps the dust and moisture away. We can also offer it with full color printing for perfect appearance of your products. The standard films shrink up to 30% after heating at temperatures about 130-140 degrees Celsius. We can also produce value added film with improved characteristics – strength, clarity and others.

shrink_film botlecaps - thermofilmthermofilm

Thermally shrinking polyethylene films (PS) are widely used in the food industry due to its low costs and protective characteristics. It can be used on both manual, semi automatic and fully automatic packaging lines. We can produce films for all these types of applications in various sizes per request.

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