Low Density Polyethylene packaging (LDPE)

We are a producer of polyethylene plastic packaging materials for industrial and agricultural use. Our main products are – low density polyethylene films for industrial use, polyethylene thermoshrinking covers, thermoshrinking films, low density polyethylene plastic bags, small sizes of plastic bags, pe sheets, polyethylene films for automatic packaging lines, PE sleeves and others. We have more than 10 blown film extrusion lines that allow us to cover almost all sizes and dimensions for industrial use. We also develop customer specific special solutions due to our over 30 years of experience in the field of LDPE packaging industry.


Technical Low Density Polyethylene films (Value added technical LDPE films)

  • Polyethylene films with improved mechanical characteristics – strengh, elongation, optical clarity
  • Polyethylene films with special characteristics – anti static, with lower coeeficent of surface frictions, UV thermaly stabilized
  • Polyethylene films with improved optical characteristics (clarity, haze, reflection)
  • Polyethylene films for frozen products at negative temperatures
  • Polyethylene films for automatic packaging lines
  • Printed polyethylene films
  • Perforated polyethylene films – micro or macro perforated

Примери за типични приложения:

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Thermoshrinking Low density Polyethylene films

Thermoshrinking polyethylene film is used for transport packaging solution which creates a stable unit of packaging after thermaly heating of the films. It manages to shrink up to 30% compared to the initial size. Protects the product and creates and finished appearance of the packaging – especially if combined with flexoprinting. Secure and economic packaging solution in number of different applications. We can produce and supply thermoshrinking film in different forms – single sheet film, sleeve film, thermoshrinking covers and others. We also produce different sizes, widths and thicknesses per requests.

LDPE thermoshrinking film


Low Density Polyethylene bags, flat bags and sheets

We offer different kinds and models of polyethylene bags, flat bags, garbage bags and others. We can also cover wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Flat bags with side and bottom sealing made from virgin or recycle materials, specialty bags from grade A material and recycled garbage bags on stacks. Polyethylene sheets – sheets or rolls with perforation for easy tearing or sheet on stacks. Specialty flat bags with flaps and adhesive tape, security tape and multi color flexoprinting. Anti static flat films and flat bags in various sizes. Bags for packaging of food products.


  • Polyethylene bags made from low density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Polyethylene bags made from high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Printed polyethylene bags (6 colors )
  • Polyethylene bags with bottom and side sealing (LDPE and HDPE)
  • Polyethylene bags with micro and macro perforation, adhesive flap, anti static and others

Polyethylene film for agricultural use

LDPE films up to 6 meters wide – for greenhouse covering and others. Different sizes, UV stabilized. The following size are available on storage:

  • 1000 мм – 0,10 mm 
  • 2000 мм – 0,10 mm
  • 3000 мм – 0,10 mm
  • 4000 мм – 0,10 mm
  • 5000 мм – 0,10 mm
  • 6000 мм – 0,10 mm

30_foto Greenhouse_films Полиетиленово фолио basetldpe

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