Stretch film

LLDPE Stretch film for manual and machine use

We are a producer and converter of LLDPE stretch film. We can produce different sizes and thickness of stretch film. Elasticity between  150 and 300% and excellent adhesive properties – for protection from dust and water – good transport packaging for palletized goods. We can offer stretch films with different properties – stretch, elasticity, puncture resistance and others for problem free transportation. Stretch film is the most economic and widely used transport packaging in the world. We can offer solution to every specific request.

Manual Stretch film

We can produce hand roll with a lot of different sizes, cores and dimensions per request. Quick production and delivery times and a lot of different rolls on storage for improved service. We have modern converting equipment that allows us to produce high quality hand rolls of stretch film at rapid speeds.


324_big Stretch2 prostretch







Automatic Stretch film

Our machine stretch films are widely used in vast amount of industries. We can offer standard elasticity films and cost effective – high elasticity products.

Width – 500 mm – 16 kg rolls, elasticity 150%, standard machine stretch film (for standard machines)

Width – 500 мм – 16 kg rolls, elasticity 250%, high elasticity machine stretch film (used on machines with pre-stretching group)

Width – 500 мм – 16 kg rolls, elasticity 350%, ultra high elasticity machine stretch film (used on machines with pre-stretching group)

* available thicknesses of the machine stretch film – 15 – 30 microns

Plastic-Film-for-Greenhouseimg218Machine stretch2

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